Biosympathetic Psycho Feedback


Biosympathetic Feedback is where your body responds to physical stimulus (i.e. in a sauna) Biosympathetic Psycho Feedback is where your body prepares you for stress (releases adrenalin, preps muscle fibres, cranks up peripheral vision/auditory sensitivity, shuts down unnecessary parasypathetic nervous systems to quicken autonomous nerve lines so you react faster and a whole heap of other stuff besides) as a result of stuff that HASN’T PHYSICALLY TOUCHED YOU.

You can use this to lift more weight etc by making a playlist of tracks that make you want to jump up and down and blow stuff up. Test it by putting a heart rate monitor on and see what happens to your heart rate while listening to it.

If it makes your heart rate go up, and feel like moving about, then listen to that music when you workout. You’ll workout harder and easier, be better and achieve your goals quicker.

Yes it’s a simple tip, but one that is so often overlooked and the reason why my gym has a music system that takes any format of music player you care to name.

This same quirk of the nervous system can also be manipulated by telling yourself the weight you’re about to lift is actually really light, asking yourself “why do I find this so EASY?” before a set, and visualising positive/negative motivational scenarios (i.e. you have to finish this last kilometre at this lunge busting speed or a) you won’t be the hero of the film or b) you’ll be too late to save the girl from the baddies etc)

It’s no surprise that all the top sports teams hire psychologists to help their players visualise for greater performance. Try it, it works.

I hope this helps you to train happy, comments welcome