Simon Le Bonsai Is Gonna Be Ok *phew*

Calm down, panic over - following what we shall call the “Open Window Draft Incident” eight weeks ago, I am pleased to report that Simon (pictured, enjoying his breakfast) seems to be recovering nicely. I’m sure we can all breathe a sigh of relief and go about our daily duties less burdened.

The Incident first caused his leaves to go all brittle; one by one, they started to turn brown, and die. After five days all his leaves were brown, after ten . . . he was bald. We feared the worst.

It is only when we consider the treatment that we give to our plant friends like Simon that we see the analogy to our own lives; when we take the little bit of time to water, prune, tend and love our green leafy friends we are rewarded, later, with flowers, clean air, and the wonderful aesthetics of their form.

So it is with life and exercise - a little maintenance and we see results bloom like green foliage, some watering and we see cleaner urine and clearer skin; a little chat and problems aired yield a pleasant de-tensioning like a stretch session; a good re-potting leaves (haha) that nice tired feeling through the muscles.

But then neglect . . . that window, carelessly left open overnight; the watering forgotten or unattended because of our busy schedules and brown go those leaves, back comes the lethargy, hello again the love handles . . . that sad, sorry cycle we are so familiar with rolls around again and despair, our constant stalker, shadows us once again with it’s cold enticing lure.

I refused to let Simon Le Bonsai go; I fought for him with knowledge, action and patience (the three things that over-come any obstacle - the knowledge of what to do, the drive to put that knowledge into practice, and the patience to let it take effect).

I pruned his withered brown leaves, ensured good food and clean water nourished his tired body, and moved him from one windowsill to another as best I could to get him as many winter rays as possible and look at him now: resplendant with new growth - though still carrying the scars of his ordeal - he faces the afternoon sun with determination to thrive, drinking in his dinner and sustenance with determination to survive.

So it is with my training; I may have missed some sessions, may not have closed my heavy grips as much as planned, even fallen off the chocolate wagon and eaten a doughnut at one point but I WILL FIGHT ON!

Like Simon Le Bonsai, I will not give in to defeat; I will rally, I will run, I will Push-Up and I will Snatch; you shall see me jump and Turkish Get Up and come Summer I will strut my funky stuff with lean foliage and a lack of man boob, my healthy roots showing through with the vitality of my form and I call you, readers, to join me in battling our Winter Doldrums and swing those kettlebells, throw those med balls, skip that rope and punch that bag because with pruning, nourishment, sunshine and a friendly chat now and then WE CAN FIGHT BACK AGAINST THAT COLD DRAUGHT AND THRIVE!

Join me! Start today! Find something heavy! And pick it up! And put it down! And pick it up again! And put it down again! And pick it up again! And put it down again! Huzzah!

Thank you for reading

“In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in me  an invincible Summer” - Albert Camus